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小林制药泡沫排水管疏通剂 Kobayashi Sanibon Pipe Cleaning Foam 400ml

小林制药泡沫排水管疏通剂 Kobayashi Sanibon Pipe Cleaning Foam 400ml

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Product Description:

  • Unblock, deodorize and clean at once
  • Suitable for bathrooms, sinks, sinks, bathtubs, kitchen drainage pipes, drainage pipes, etc.
  • Quickly dissolve the hair and greasy dirt in the drain pipe, bid farewell to blockage
  • The foam has a wide contact surface and is attached to the pipe wall for a long time to prevent secondary blockage.
  • Contains deodorizing factors, effectively decomposes various peculiar smells, dissolves black stains, oil stains, hair, food residues, slimy substances and bacteria in the pipes, etc.
  • Avoid long-term compression or corrosion of the pipeline by blockages, causing damage


  • Net Weight: 400ml
  • Brand: Kobayashi