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熊野油脂无硅油马油洗发水 Kumano Horse Oil Shampoo Pump 600ml 无硅油马油 Horse oil

熊野油脂无硅油马油洗发水 Kumano Horse Oil Shampoo Pump 600ml 无硅油马油 Horse oil

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Product Description:

This shampoo is weakly acidic, the foam is not very rich, and it is rich in moisturizing and repairing ingredients, which can clean and moisturize. Improve the fragile hair quality caused by blow-dyeing perm and aging, and you can feel the light and smooth hair after shampooing. The shampoo is a transparent liquid texture, good fluidity, natural horse oil ingredients and plant essence, no silicon added, fine foam, and it will not be greasy in summer. It can be used in all seasons. The conditioner is added with Tsubaki oil. This ingredient not only nourishes the hair tips, but also protects the color and gives the hair a lustrous feeling. When using it, apply it to the hair and rub it gently. After use, it is as soft and smooth as an oil in a salon. . The conditioner is milky white cream texture, smooth and nourishing, easy to be absorbed by the hair, after using the shampoo with the conditioner, the effect is even better, the horse oil essence can penetrate into the damaged hair, so that the hair after washing Hair is smooth.


  • Net Weight: 600ml
  • Brand: Kumano


  1. Take an appropriate amount of shampoo and add water, rub it into foam, and apply it to the hair
  2. Massage the scalp with your fingertips to promote blood circulation while removing dirt
  3. Wash the hair clean, and rinse the hair inside
  4. After shampooing, apply conditioner to the ends of the hair to increase the elasticity of the hair
  5. After gently massaging to absorb the nutrients of the conditioner, wash and dry the hair
  6. After drying the hair with a hair dryer, it instantly restores its natural drape