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珂润浸润保湿洗发水 Curel Intensive Moisture Care Shampoo 200ml

珂润浸润保湿洗发水 Curel Intensive Moisture Care Shampoo 200ml

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Product Description:

Curel Intensive Moisture Care Shampoo Effectively wash away dirt and excess oil, moisturize the scalp, Prevent itching and dandruff caused by dryness. The delicate and rich foam brings a smooth cleaning feeling, Effectively relieves various discomforts of the scalp, leaving hair moisturized and smooth.


  • Net Weight: 200ml
  • Brand: Curel


After wet hair, add the appropriate amount of shampoo and knead gently and rinse off with water.


  • When you have skin symptoms such as eczema and dermatitis (spots, ulcers), stop using it.
  • Please stop using when irritation or other abnormalities occur, and consult a dermatologist.
  • Please avoid getting into your eyes, if you accidentally get into it, immediately wash thoroughly.
  • Please store it carefully and avoid drinking by children or people with dementia.