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盛世达牙刷巧虎儿童牙刷 Sunstar Children's Toothbrush 0-6 months

盛世达牙刷巧虎儿童牙刷 Sunstar Children's Toothbrush 0-6 months

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Product Description:

Specially designed for babies. Start your little one's journey to healthy gums and a healthy life with this extra-small toothbrush range. Specially designed for babies and children under 2 years old.
Soft and easy to use, they will help you introduce brushing into your child's daily routine. Guiding them on the right path to a lifetime of good oral health.


  • Ultra-compact brush head fits easily in your little one's mouth
  • Long handle helps parents hold the brush firmly
  • Soft bristles thoroughly remove plaque from each tooth to avoid the development of cavities
  • For 0-6 months baby